Prayer for Self-Care During the Struggle

If my knees begin to buckle, may I take them out for a walk or a dance.
If I feel nauseated, may I brew some ginger tea.
If I feel overwhelmed, may I reach out to a supportive loved one.
If I mind won’t stop racing, may I find a find a big enough stop sign to allow me some moments of stillness.
If my heart feels like it’s breaking, may I open it up to giving and receiving more kindness and Love.
If there are butterflies (or bats) in my stomach, may I go outside and soar with the winged ones.
If I feel like I’m falling to pieces, may I find a puzzle to put together, a hole to patch up, a ripped seam to mend, or a broken appliance to fix.
If I’m holding my breath waiting for the other shoe to drop, may I take off my shoes, put my feet on the ground and draw the energy of Mother Earth up through me by taking many deep breaths.
If those who believe they hate me are already defeating me in my heart, may I take back my power. May I find a balance between remaining present while preparing for the future by working for peace and social justice, between protecting my safety and my sanity, between caring for others and caring for myself.
If I wonder if I’m strong enough, may I remember that I carry within me the courage of the suffragettes, trade unionists, civil rights demonstrators, Stonewall rioters, Wall Street occupiers, those standing next to the water protectors, and other activists at the forefront of every movement for freedom and equality in this country, and that, in the end, Love always wins!

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