Prayer for Discernment After Heartbreak

a woman opens her arms towards the sunny sky
Adonai, hear my prayer:
my deepest offering of self,
the me that is most me,
the song that is my truest voice.
Adonai, hear my prayer:
allow me to be still,
to trust in knowing the All Knowing,
the Great Mystery,
the I/Thou,
Panim al panim.
I beg you to see my face,
to see all of me so that you may know me.
Adonai, hear my prayer:
out of the depths of my sorrow, I call to you.
Oh please, allow me know you, 
allow me to know myself.
Adonai, hear my prayer:
help me to lift myself up 
from my knees
so that I may reach your light.
Give me the strength,
the courage to know,
that the light within you
lives within me.
Give me the strength to go on believing that light spreads light,
make me a vessel for this sacred task.
Adonai, hear my voice:
walk with me,
heal me,
grant me the peace of angels
so that together
we may shine.

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