Prayer for Every Voice to be Heard & All Votes to be Counted

God, Spirit of the Universe,
Mercifully hear our prayer that every voice be heard and every vote be counted.

You have created humankind in the image of the Divine, teaching us that each human life is worthy, holy, and deserving of dignity and honor. In your magnificent Divine Creation, you have endowed each of us with the capacity to make free choices that shape our destiny. We know that in a free democracy, our vote is our voice, the exercise of our godly right to choose and a manifestation of the sanctity of our lives.

Holy One,
Help us to make manifest the dignity and autonomy of each person by honoring their voices.
Strengthen us as we firmly advocate that every single vote be counted.

Protect us from those who seek to demean the divine image through deception and suppression.
Fill us with awe for the franchise that so many have fought and died to extend to all God’s children.
Grant us patience to wait as long as needed so that democracy can work as it should, a holy exchange between the governing and the governed.
Guide our steps in these coming days, so that we may respond with commitment and with abounding love for all Creatures.

May we be strong and have courage in the days ahead.
And whatever the outcome of this election, may we commit to building a future in which no vote is suppressed or denied.
Let every vote count.
Let every voice be heard.

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