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Prayer for the Cicadas

close up of cicada with big red eye staring at viewer
Berukhah at Shekhinah
Source of Life; Source of Blessing:
In the whirring, thrumming song of the cicadas,
Help us hear the pulsating song of the world.
As we listen to the chanting of their "numberless choir"
May we appreciate the sacredness and fragility of life
And the preciousness of time.
May we learn to listen to the song of your creatures
Even though we may not always hear it.
May we learn to see your precious creations
Even though they may be hidden.
Give us the wisdom to see the beauty of the world through its imperfections
And hear Your wisdom in the songs the world sings to us.
Barukh atah Adonai
borei et ha-kol.

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