Postponement Prayer

A prayer for those who have to postpone a wedding, conversion, or another major event due to coronavirus or other circumstances beyond their control. Suggested use: Pray this upon reaching the projected date of the event. 

Holy One of Blessing
I stand before You today
ready to embrace Your unending love
and ready to respond with love in return

Today is not the day I imagined
and yet I am still here, standing with You,
understanding that sometimes plans overturn
and all that we yearned for
remains undone

Holy One of Blessing,
my heart breaks for what should have been
and longs for what’s yet to come
Help me find holiness
in this in-between,
Bless me with savlanut (patience)
tikvah (hope) and koakh (strength)

Sit beside me in time’s waiting room
where I pray the day may soon arrive
when I can stand before You again
ready to welcome a new beginning

Blessed are You, Arranger of Time and Space,
Who blesses every season, and Who blesses Your people forever.


Found in: Hard Times, Coronavirus