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Passover Reading Before Dayeinu during Covid-19 Pandemic

stack of matzot

Thousands of years ago, I huddled with my slave ancestors in their homes as we waited for the Angel of Death to pass over.

This year, my ancestors huddle with me in my home as we wait for our current Angel of Death to pass over until the curve is flattened.

Thousands of years ago, we put blood on the inside and outside of the doorposts and lintel of our homes to remind us to stay inside, and to let the Angel of Death know not to enter our homes.

Today we place masks and gloves near the door of our home to remind us to take protective measures if we do choose to venture out near the Angel of Death.

Thousands of years ago, my ancestors and I survived slavery and the Angel of Death.

Today, we will survive our Angel of Death and social distancing in our homes as long as necessary.

And we can all sing “Dayeinu,” in gratitude for all we have, and in anticipation of the day when we can say “Enough” to our Angel of Death.

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