Omer Day 6: Foundation of Lovingkindness

We are born ready to receive lovingkindness. The foundation of our beings requires it. Surviving infancy means relying on the lovingkindness of older humanshumans who, as infants, relied on the lovingkindness of older humans. There are creatures in this world born able to care for themselves. Humans are not such creatures. Being human necessitates the reception of lovingkindness.

Yet, many of us grow into adults who are afraid to remember our foundation of lovingkindness. We seek to be independent physically, financially, and emotionally. We worry about appearing weak. On the other side of the same coin are those of us who roll our eyes at the needs of others, unable to understand why people can’t just care for themselves, unwilling to remember that we are all born with need and will encounter need throughout our lives.

On this 6th day of the Omer, let us remember that the Yesod of Hesed, the foundation of lovingkindness, is a gift of the human experience.

Image by D’vorah Horn from her set of Omer Practice Cards (2016).

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