Omer Day 18: Long-Haul Compassion

Netzach sh’b’Tiferet – Endurance of Compassion

As we get tired, fatigued, we’re no longer quite so helpful

to the world – or to ourselves.

When bridges or planes or structures show fatigue,

from stress, from age, from over-use, blessing turns to danger.

Compassion fatigue is no less real.


Parents who fiercely love enduringly love their children

still get tired, still need a break now and then.

Clergy love their flock, therapists their charges – yet ditto.

Lovers love, yes, but they love better with some space.


Our Compassion is human: finite, fickle, fluctuating.

Like a rechargeable battery, it drains a little over time,

a lot during heavy use. Open some apps, and it tanks.

Give us time, and a plug – sun, yoga, friends, rest, song –

more time – and we’ll be compassionate once more.


Yet when commitment meets luck, will meets grace –

when daily “I–It” interactions yield to the holy “I–Thou” –

Mercy! It trickle-charges, rebounds, grows even as we expend it.

Relationship helps build the Endurance (Netzach)

of Compassion (Tiferet).


HaRakhaman, the One Compassionate and Womb-Like

Ir-Rakhman Ir-Rakhim, Most Gracious, Most Compassionate

Who never slumbers and never sleeps, never fatigues:

May we, made in Your image, develop Compassion that endures.


Enduring Compassion –

the true Triumph (Netzach)

of Beauty (Tiferet).

Image by D’vorah Horn from her set of Omer Practice Cards (2016).

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