Omer 2019: Week 5

Week 5: Hod (Majesty, Humility)

As we begin Counting the Omer, each day’s quality intersects with Hod, inviting us to contemplate various dimensions of majesty or humility. We invited writers to reflect on each daily theme as part of Ritualwell’s annual Omer Fundraising Campaign. You may download a full PDF for this week at the bottom of this page. As you gather inspiration for your Omer journey, please take a moment to support Ritualwell so we can continue to offer you free, meaningful content all year long. Thank you!


Hag Sameakh!

Hila Ratzabi
Managing Editor, Ritualwell

Artwork: Omer 2018
D’vorah Horn

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Day 29: Hesed of Hod
Love within Presence
This day
is here to remind us how to remember.
To dwell
within our own cells.
Our own
And once
we return to our own bones….
We can
finally remember how to fall deeply in love
With self.
—Rakia Sky

Day 30: Gevurah of Hod
Humility in Jewish tradition is less about “humbling yourself” and more about balance – “taking up the right amount of space.” This takes discipline. Take the compliment – but don’t believe the hype.
—Rabbi Jacob Best Adler

Day 31: Tiferet of Hod

Humility is delicate in nature. If you are too humble, you may diminish yourself. If you are not humble enough, you may diminish others. True humility requires accessing a deep well of compassion for yourself and others.
—Shosh Lovett-Graff

Day 32: Netzach of Hod

Persist in your letting go into breath, into beauty, into the realness of things. Hod is surrender to what is, and netzach is the will to stay with it when things get hard. You are part of all this and that is what lasts.
—Rabbi Jill Hammer

Day 33: Hod of Hod
May the Holy Blessed One grant me the humility to accept the things I cannot change. I know I also have the netzach to change the things I can. But today I gratefully awaken to the peace of acceptance.
—Rabbi Micah Weiss

Day 34: Yesod of Hod
When we connect with one another in heartfelt ways, the golden thread between us channels the radiance of Becoming. What gratitude and awe for such depth and beauty!
—Keshira HaLev Fife

Day 35: Malchut of Hod
Today we reach the full embodiment of Divine splendor. Spend time outside, touching some small slice of earth. As you connect, try to dissolve the illusion that our bodies are separate from the earth’s body. Bless the Divine emanation of glory and splendor as it expresses itself through the soil and water of our bodies.
—Rabbi Jessica Rosenberg

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