Now is All We Have

It’s not enough to survive
We’ve been doing that forever
It’s not enough to just wake up and be alive
For another day, another week, or whatever

It’s not enough to drop some coins
In a box to keep from feeling guilty
We must do more than look away and cross the street
so we won’t bump into someone cold and filthy

We are put here to be more than just ourselves
To see farther than one lifetime
Gathering seeds we might not sow
Pass them on to those who’ll go
Beyond our here and now
Because now is all we have

It’s not enough to know what must be done
If we never push ourselves to act and grow
It’s not enough to say we’ve done our best
If it’s just for the loved ones whom we know

It’s not enough to do an act of good
If we only do one thing and think we’re done
We need to teach our children how and why to care
So they’ll know how to love after we’re gone

We are put here to be more than just ourselves
To dream farther than this lifetime
Everything we say and do
Is for those who’ll follow through
Beyond our here and now
Because now is all we have

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