A Jazz Breakthrough

The song starts with a single guitar line –
an interpretive hint of the song to come;
Not the melody of the song,
but it was close enough that I knew quickly
what song it was.

After a half a minute or so,
the guitar slides into the actual melody
as the band joins in
supplying the chords, harmonies and rhythm,
Echoing my guess at the song’s title
As my memory supplies the lyrics.

But what if I didn’t know the song?
Never heard it before?
Then the opening notes might have sounded strange,
maybe disorienting, unpleasant –
even ugly.

But knowing the song, I could listen with
the chord structure in my ears-heart-mind-body-soul,
giving the improvised opening a context
A connection between inner and outer
A foundation for listening closely
With Loving Awareness of its true meaning.

Then it came to me:
Isn’t this how life is?
God is the chord structure of my life.

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