Invocation for a Synagogue Board Meeting

Barukh atah adonai, makom ha’olam, the place of the universe,

We gather each month to do Your holy work for our space.

May our kavannot – our holy intentions – be joyful and invigorating.

As a Reform congregation, we seek progress and change while remembering our roots and traditions.

We ask for guidance in maintaining mutual respect as we navigate our differences.

Allow us to center our relationships in our makhloket le’shem shamayyim, disagreement for the sake of heaven,

Above all, model for us the courage and compassion of strong leadership.

Let us be like Moses, bringing a disaparate people into a kehillah kedoshah – a holy community.

Remind us of our spiritual purposes and shine Your Divine Eternal Light of Peace into the world through our work in this synagogue.

Blessed are You, Ha’makom, our place, our Jewish home, Who Blesses our Board with efficacy and friendship.

And let us say: Amen.

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