Interpretive Birkat Ha-Gomel

Blessed are You, Divine and Infinite One, Great Guardian of the Universe, who showers goodness upon all because we are ALL deserving of goodness. Blessed are You who guides us in the right directions. Blessed are You who watches over and protects us by sending guardians our way. Blessed are You who empowers us to protect ourselves from harm of any kind; from harming ourSelves, from harming others, from harming the world around us. Blessed are You who empowers us to bring goodness upon ourselves by making healthy and self-loving choices in our Lives. May our own goodness, protection and empowerment continue and may we all know, see and feel, with a doubt, the goodness that exists within ourSelves, within everyone, within everything. May the Infinite One who has bestowed these blessings of goodness continue to shower them upon those who are safe and especially upon those who are in need and unsafe in the world. Amen!

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