Hinay Ma Tov (Psalm 133)

הִנֵּה מַה טוֹב וּמַה נָּעִים שֶׁבֶת אָחִים גַּם יַחַד

Hiney mah tov umah na’im – Shevet akhim gam yakhad

Isn’t it good, isn’t it fine to come together as one (people)


This well known and popular lyric from Psalm 133 boasts an array of varied tunes and melodies. This is my version. It’s an upbeat and funky kind of rhythm that is fun to sing, dance and move to. Kids and adults alike enjoy making up funky movements for the instrumental sections; singing and dancing joyously in celebration. If you create a formal folk dance for it please share it with us!

** Please mention the composer’s name (Rahel) when singing or playing this version of the song. Musicians who also played on this recording include: Bruce Burger (aka RebbeSoul) on lead guitar, Jason Paul on electric bass, Andre Dumont on drums and Rahel (me) on guitar and vocals. It was recorded and mixed by Jim McClure at Betsy’s Folly Studios in Lyndeboro, NH.

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