Heretics in our Hearts: An Interpretive Birkat HaMinim

Birkat HaMinim is part of the daily Amidah, and traditionally, the prayer asks God to curse all heretics and idolaters, especially those who might try to harm Jews. This interpretive version asks God to destroy the heretics within ourselves.

Squash the heretics, God, 
Destroy them swiftly:
the slanderers, the idolaters
Shatter the enemies
who have taken root
in our hearts 
Free us from their violent voices 
inside each of us, whispering
“You will never be good enough.”
“You have nothing to offer.”
“You deserve to be punished.”
We see heresy in others 
because we fear it in ourselves.
Deliver us from this hatred, God.
Teach us to love ourselves, in totality,
to honor our wholeness, to be tender 
then we will see the holiness of others
and we will bring Your mercy to earth. 

Barukh Atah Adonai, m’shaver haKofer b’tokheinu

Blessed are You, Holy One, Who shatters the heretic inside us all.

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