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Evolving Vows

By Rabbi Jaimee Shalhevet and Rabbi Helayne Shalhevet

Language for ring exchange during a wedding ceremony recognizing that the laws of Moses and Israel have always been evolving. 

בְּטַבַּֽעַת זוּ כְּדַת מֹשֶׁה וְיִשְׂרָאֵל הַמִּתְחַדֶּשֶת וְהַמִּתְפַּתַּחַת [1] הֲרֵי אַתְּ מְקֻדֶּֽשֶׁת לִי[1]

Harey at m'kudeshet li b'tava'at zu c'dat Moshe v'Yisrael ha'mitkhadeshet v'hamitpatakhat.

Behold you are set apart for me with this ring according to the ever-evolving law of Moses and Israel.

Read about the authors' wedding and ritual decisions.


[1]    Translations include: sanctified, set apart, singled out, made holy, acquired, and consecrated.  We chose “set apart” for our translation as it embodied the equal nature of our relationship and did not lead to an acquisition of one partner by the other.

[2] As times evolve, so too it becomes necessary to change our understanding of the laws of Moses and Israel. Our addition to the traditional text emphasizes this point.


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