El Maley Rakhamim for the Six Million (translation)

G-d, Full of Mercy

G-d, full of mercy, You who dwell in the heights,
Shelter them beneath the wings of Your presence
high among the holy and the pure, who shine
like the brilliant heavens.

Shelter them –
shelter the souls of our sisters and brothers of the house of Israel
who were slaughtered in the Shoah,
small children, women, men:
strangled, suffocated, burned to ash.

They revered Your name;
Their souls passed into Your care.
Let Eden be their resting place.

Master of Mercy,
Drape them and keep them forever
in Your protecting presence.
Bind their souls to the living and to life.
G-d, You are their inheritance;
Where they rest, ease them with peace.

And we say:

Based on the Hebrew text in the Siddur Sim Shalom.