Creation Stories

swirls of the universe

To Orna Greenberg

In the story
Of the first creation
The Divine power
Lifts the supple clay,
To mold His image,
To imprint Her likeness.

The Divine breath
Enters the human shape,
Calls it to life.

The potter’s hands
Explore a lump of clay,
Stroke, press in
The hollow of the vessel,
Form the plump lip,
Extend the graceful neck.

The artist dips the brush
Now into paint, now into water.
An image blossoms:
Ocher and sienna blend;
The colors thicken —
Shadows outline the round rim,
The colors thin —
Light curves down the glazed flank.

Lift the clay jar,
Gaze at the painting,
Read these lines,
Have the power
To breathe into a creation
Awareness, thought, meaning,