Court of Justice; Court of G-d

a gate through trees looking into the clouds
Somewhere, in the mighty heavens above,
there is a courthouse, and on the bench,
in fancy robes, with a gold-encrusted gavel,
sits the almighty one.
And in this courthouse, true justice is seen.
Those who kill, those who rob, those who hurt,
those who lie, those who cheat,
those who have done wrong to others,
are face to face with justice for the first time.
And as the gavel slams with a mighty swing,
and the the sentence is read,
all those who stand before the bench
are given equal treatment, and equal defense.
Gabriel stands as the Defense Attorney,
and he knows each and every defendant.
Each person stands before the bench,
and the charges are weighed against them.
And every time, the gavel swings,
the same sentence is read for every person:
“You shall be cleansed in one year’s time,
and your memory shall always be a blessing,
not just on earth, but in my presence forever.”
In this place, this sacred place,
in the Court of Justice, the Court of G-d,
we are all equal, and we are all a blessing.


In Judaism, the custom of reciting Kaddish for only eleven months goes back to the sages of Talmud, that punishment in the afterlife lasted only twelve months, and after that time, even the most wicked of souls could be pure. I believe that all people have good in them, even if they do monstrous things. There are bad people, but there are no bad souls before G-d. So, even those who seek to destroy us will be judged before G-d the same as you and I. So, to me, in the Court of Justice, and in the Court of G-d, all are equal, regardless of what they have done.

I mourn for those lost in Israel, in Palestine, in Yemen, and all over the world to hatred, violence, and political gain. May they all rest in peace, and may we all find and may we all face justice.


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