Counting the Omer (Taylor Swift’s Version)

Who knew that Taylor Swift’s music and the Jewish tradition of counting the Omer could be so intertwined? Both offer opportunities for personal growth, reflection, and a deeper connection with the world around us🌾

The period of the counting of the Omer is a time of introspection and growth – for a person to work on one’s good characteristics (middot) through reflection and development of one aspect each day for the 49 days of the counting.
In Kabbalah, each of the seven weeks of the Omer-counting is associated with one of the seven lower sefirot:
  1. Chesed (loving-kindness)
  2. Gevurah (might)
  3. Tipheret (beauty)
  4. Netzach (victory)
  5. Hod (acknowledgment)
  6. Yesod (foundation)
  7. Malchut (kingdom)

Each day of each week is also associated with one of these same seven sefirot, creating forty-nine permutations. The first day of the Omer is therefore associated with “chesed that is in chesed” (loving-kindness within loving-kindness), the second day with “gevurah that is in chesed” (might within loving-kindness); the first day of the second week is associated with “chesed that is in gevurah” (loving-kindness within might), the second day of the second week with “gevurah that is in gevurah” (might within might), and so on.

Based on these themes, I assigned each day of the Omer a Taylor Swift song! 
  1. Our Song
  2. Midnight Rain
  3. the 1
  4. New Year’s Day
  5. Mine
  6. London Boy
  7. This Love
  8. Better Man
  9. Jump then Fall
  10. Long Live
  11. Clean
  12. Back to December
  13. mad woman
  14. Mean
  15. Bejeweled
  16. this is me trying
  17. Innocent
  18. A Place in this World
  19. Question…?
  20. It’s Nice To Have A Friend
  21. The Archer
  22. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things
  23. long story short
  24. Lover
  25. The Great War
  26. All Of The Girls You Loved Before
  27. Change
  28. Vigilante Shit
  29. Begin Again
  30. Karma
  31. Stay Beautiful
  32. hoax
  33. You’re On Your Own, Kid
  34. Girl At Home
  35. Never Grow Up
  36. Daylight
  37. cowboy like me
  38. Sweet Nothing
  39. Stay Stay Stay
  40. Maroon
  41. King of my Heart
  42. Untouchable
  43. The Lucky One
  44. …Ready For It?
  45. Call It What You Want
  46. Out Of The Woods
  47. Tim McGraw
  48. the lakes
  49. Long Live

See the playlist here

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