Contemplative Words for Rosh Hodesh

As we gather together on a schedule set by the moon, may we take as our example the moon’s journey each month, learning from this orb that is always in metamorphosis, the universe’s archetype of transformation. May we observe the moon closely, the steadiness of her climb from new to full, seeing that she does not clamber to reach her pinnacle, but daily, and only bit by bit, brings another portion of herself to light. May we observe and understand, also, that the moon does not covet its own full measure, but relinquishes it, even if, in doing this, it appears to be lost. By the moon, we come to know of waxings and wanings, rising tides and receding tides, blood-rich wombs and unready wombs, and always, always about the surety of change, the requisite food for our souls.

We honor the dynamic condition of the universe that we see reflected each month in the moon’s face, and that we embrace within ourselves as the capacity to change and grow.


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