Blessing for a Premature Baby

May the One who blessed our ancestors bless you little ones who were born in your own time and at your own hour. May you follow in the foot steps of your ancestor Jacob who arrived after Esav and was not expected, and Peretz, the son of Tamar, who burst forth early surprising the midwives. We say b’sha’ah tova, may it be in a good hour, and the hour when you were born was truly good, as you are a perfect image of God. It is impossible to predict the exact moment when trees will blossom and give fruit, we can only bless its produce. Likewise, we can only bless the ongoing miracle of your gradual unfolding into life and the miracle of each of your precious breaths. You came into the world at your own time and in your own way and may you continue to grow and thrive along your own unique, curving and surprising pathways. May we, your parent and your loved ones, have the zachut (the privilege) of raising you to a life of Torah (learning and community), Chupah (loving relationships) and ma’asim tovim (good acts). Amen!

© Rabbi Elliot Kukla, 2014. All rights reserved Bay Area Jewish Healing Center. 

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