An Asexual Coming Out Ritual

two hands holding small paper asexual flag

A Jewish Asexual Coming Out Ritual

Whoever has been chosen to lead the ritual says:

“We are here today because we are privileged to bear witness to [asexual person’s name] coming out in a Jewish coming out ritual. ”

The asexual person ascends the bima if in a temple/synagogue, or if not stands wherever they feel comfortable. Then the asexual person says:

“It is written in Psalm 139:14, ‘I shall thank You for in an awesome, wondrous way I was fashioned; Your works are wondrous, and my soul knows it very well.’ I also thank G-d for making me asexual, not because it is better than any other sexual identity, but because it is the identity I was meant to have, and I thank G-d for giving me the ability to come out as asexual. 

I see my asexuality as a blessing, and I want you all to share in that blessing by witnessing what I say now: I, [the asexual person’s name], am proud to be asexual. “

2. Then the congregation/group applauds, and then the congregation/group says:

“Blessed are you, Supreme Being Our G-d, Monarch of the Universe, [or Lord our G-d, King of the Universe], who has given [asexual person’s name] the ability to come out as asexual. May You give [person’s name] the ability to always love and celebrate their asexual identity.
Blessed are You Eternal Spirit who has given us life, sustained us and allowed us to arrive in this moment.”
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