Blessing for a B”Mitzvah by Non-Jewish Family Members

four children standing around an open torah scroll in synagogue. the girl in the center is black and wearing a tallit, looking like she is reading from the torah. one girl looking on is white. Two white boys wearing kippot and tallitot are at the side watching.
For generations, each member of our family has paved their own road.
Whenever we come together, we celebrate the vastness of our traditions, the depth of our stories, and the care that connects us.
On this day, you are taking upon yourself a heritage older than most others on this planet.
From this day on, you are a bearer of Torah, one of the sacred books of humanity.
We see that you are strong, wise, and ready to hold on to this book and make its teachings part of your own story.
We are proud of your pride in being Jewish.
We respect the respect you show for your heritage.
We love the love you feel for a people and a wisdom you chose for yourself.
Go, _______, find your own way. Take our blessings with you.
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