Alternate Seven Blessings

1) Blessed is the earth, our provider. In her grows the fruit of the vine.

2) Glorious is each thing, for “all things are beautiful in their time.”

3) We are blessed by those who created us and who helped make us the people we are today.

4) Blessed is life. Life contains infinite diversity in infinite combinations. It is a process of growth and change. May we continue to grow together.

5) Blessed are those who bring people together and unite the divided, this work transforms our world and expresses hope for future generations.

6) May this couple continue to experience the joys of loving companionship, as others have before them. Blessed are those who brighten this day and rejoice together.

7) We are thankful for all that is good in this world. For good cheer and mirth, for lovers, music and celebration, kindness and affection, for loving communities, peace and companionship. May we hear the jubilant voices of people who love and people who are loved echo throughout the world. May we hear the voices of those who are silenced and those who have yet to be heard. May sounds of joy expressed by all life ring across the universe. Blessed are those who bring joy with them.


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