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Again, On This Night

A place setting with a full glass of red wine and a bowl of matzah ball soup is pictured. In the background we see a seder plate filled
On This Night...
We are gathered as one with our past
To retell our forebear’s tale
To learn once more of the tears they shed
And experience a taste of their travails
On This Night...
We experience slavery as if we are those slaves
Tasting the bitter and salt of their ordeal
In our abundance we recline and drink 4 cups
Sharing the story and wondering; "how did they feel?"
On This Night...
We celebrate the rebirth of spring
Remember how our ancestor's faced the Red Sea
Recreate the past as we eat, read, and sing
Honoring The One who set us all free
On This Night...
We are thankful for what the Eternal provides 
Embracing the heritage all of us share
Though Elijah has yet to come through our door
Each year we open it and echo the prayer
So why on this night do we gather for Seder?
Why is this night so different from all of the rest?
Because on this night we were all freed from slavery 
Because on this night, we are all graciously blessed.

לְדוֹר וָדוֹר נַגִּיד גָּדְלֶֽךָ וּלְנֵֽצַח נְצָחִים קְדֻשָּׁתְךָ נַקְדִּישׁ, וְשִׁבְחֲךָ אֱלֹהֵֽינוּ מִפִּֽינוּ לֹא יָמוּשׁ לְעוֹלָם וָעֶד
From generation to generation we declare Your greatness
Your holiness we shall always proclaim,
Source of Life, Your praise is forever on our lips.

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