A Ritual For Coming Out As Bisexual

two women wrapped in a pride flag walking in a pride parade

The person who is coming out brings many differently colored beads and distributes one bead each to everyone attending the ritual.

The person coming out then states, “I have gathered you all here because I want to come out as bisexual. I have given each of you a bead to symbolize that although people have many different sexualities, just as these beads have many different colors, we can come together in harmony, just as beads of different colors are often brought together to produce beautiful art. I now ask everyone here to look at the bead for a moment of silence and contemplate how they can support me in my coming out as bisexual. (Pause, allow for a moment of silence) Thank you.”

Invite the community to repeat this blessing: “Blessed are You Eternal Spirit who has given us life, sustained us and allowed us to arrive in this moment.”

(The community then repeat the blessing.)

The person who is coming out then says, “Thank you for coming. Shalom.”

The ritual ends.


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