Take Me Over


Many of us are looking for a home. Home is the place we come to after a long day. Home is where we find our safety. Home is in the heart
Sefer Yetzirah tells us “If your heart runs return to the place.”
ולבך להרהר שוב למקום
V’levcha l’harhar shuv l’makom (1:8)
I offer you this song and meditation to return to your home.
The words to the chorus are “Take me over, take me over to my home.”

Lyrics: Take me over
Take me over to my home (x2)
I wanna go down through those waves, where my people are happy and free
Down through the waves, where my people frolick free
Take me over
Take me over to my home (x3)

Find the ground beneath you
Soften your gaze, close your eyes
Notice your breath and allow it to lengthen
Relax all the muscles of your body
Soften your eyebrows
Notice your breath lengthening as you draw your inhale into your heart
Imagine your heart as a flower opening its petals
Through the petals you notice a path and follow it deeper into your heart
Find the steadiness of your heartbeat
This is your safe space
Your holy of holies
You are home
In your home there is a beautiful tree which has a gift for you
What does your heart desire to gift you?

I am present.
I am love.

With gratitude from the tree you turn back to your breath knowing that you can return here whenever you wish
Take a big, big breath, and send the oxygen to every part of your body.
Bring your awareness back to your breath
Back to your body
Begin to move and awaken your body.
Cross your arms over your chest, give yourself a big hug.
As diasporic people we know:
Home is in our hearts
May we find home wherever we go
May we continue to return home.
Asé v’amein ואמן

Kohenet Shoshana A Brown, LMSW is a school social worker and organizes to transform the prison system as well as organizing with Jews of Color. She practices transformative justice in New York City public schools, and is also an adjunct professor at Silberman School of Social Work teaching the class she once advocated and organized students to create. As a healer, educator, and organizer, Shoshana has dedicated herself to freeing her people of oppression through healing circles, leading in Jewish prayer and ceremony, Reiki, popular education workshops, social work, and facilitating social justice trainings and conferences.

Thank you to Rise Up, the Nathan Cummings Foundation and Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah for their generous support of Reset.

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