Category: Yom Kippur

Forgiving Ourselves on Yom Kippur
By Lisa Braun Glazer, PhD
August 30, 2021
How can we gather the courage to confront ourselves honestly and compassionately so that we can somehow realize a fresh start?
Reading Ishmael & Isaac on Yom Kippur
By Rabbi Arthur Ocean Waskow and Rabbi Phyllis Ocean Berman
August 16, 2021
We recommend lifting up this passage about Ishmael & Isaac on Yom Kippur as an example of peace-making
Taking the Shofar into the Streets for 5781
By Aviva L. Brown
August 19, 2020
Unable to hear the shofar this year in person, Aviva took matters into her own hands
Elul: A Month for Reflection and Action
By Carolyn Cohen
August 8, 2019
This 29-day practice opened a fresh space in my prayers and revitalized the way I entered the Yamim Noraim
Communal Acts of Private Intimacy: A Review of Trisha Arlin’s Place Yourself
By Alden Solovy
January 7, 2019
Like the liturgists of old, Arlin’s work troubles us where we are too comfortable and comforts us when we are troubled
The Hard Holy Days
Rabbi Amy Loewenthal
September 27, 2017
Is there another way to look at life and death, that isn’t through a lens of fear and trembling?
Now and Forever
Alden Solovy
September 12, 2017
The prayers and tunes of S’lichot are meant to crack into our yearnings for all that is good, righteous and holy, and to point us toward our own errors. We’ve put stumbling blocks in front of ourselves. Realizing that we’ve knocked ourselves off our own feet, we’re called upon to see our regrets as a doorway to repentance.
New Resources for the High Holidays: Embracing the Stranger
By Rabbi Deborah Waxman
August 21, 2017
A new collection of resources for the High Holidays focuses on the theme of Embracing the Stranger.
Keeping the Faith: Resilience in the Jewish Tradition
By Rabbi Deborah Waxman
August 15, 2017
I’m thrilled to introduce Hashivenu, a new podcast that highlights resilience practices embedded in Jewish teaching and Jewish living.
What Will We Seal?: Teshuvah in an Election Season
By David Ebenbach
October 5, 2016
Berosh hashanah yikatevun u've'yom tzom kippur yekhatemun.

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