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For Ketubah Artist Betsy Teutsch
By Ritualwell
January 16, 2018
Meet Betsy Teutsch, ketubah artist and calligrapher extraordinaire!
Design Your Own Ritual with a Little Help from a Rabbi
By Rabbi Kami Knapp
August 2, 2017
Ritual helps us pay attention. From the joy of a recovery to the grief of a funeral, ritual helps us inhabit the breadth of human experience.
Song of Songs: Composing a New Ancient Love Song for Two Women
By Alexander Massey
June 27, 2016
When my friends Ella and Natasha were getting married, I wanted to offer them music for their wedding based on traditional biblical text. The challenge was that there was, of course, no explicit biblical narrative of a same-sex marriage. 
The Heart of Pride: Be Who You Are
By Rabbi Rachel Weiss
June 2, 2016
I believe that the heart of Pride has to do with love. In the midst of the book of Leviticus we find the three words: “v’ahavtah l’re’akha camokha”—You shall love your fellow as yourself.
How to Include Everyone in Our Jewish-Mexican Wedding
By Hila Ratzabi
November 16, 2015
I was, and remain, confident that my connection to Judaism is strong enough to share with my husband who is not Jewish and our future children.
A Mission to Welcome: Celebrating Interfaith Families
By Rabbi Sarah Tasman
November 2, 2015
I hope that all couples I work with, especially interfaith couples, will be empowered to make Jewish rituals and practices their own.
Ritual Gone Wrong
By Sarah Barasch-Hagans
March 2, 2015
I am a “planner” and I am an English major obsessed with layers of meaning, symbolism, and subtext. Thus, my wedding, like so many ceremonies, was made up of countless intentional decisions that reaffirmed me and our relationship. And true to the nature of religious ceremony, it also challenged us. The most obvious example was our ritual gone wrong—but ultimately “gone right”—the story of our
Jewish Lifecycles Animated
By G-dcast
November 6, 2014
Ritualwell is excited to partner with G-dcast on their new Lifecycle Series: a collection of animated shorts and personal stories about milestones in the Jewish tradition. From giving birth, to naming a child, from designing a 
In the Covenant of Whom?
By Sarah Barasch-Hagans
August 12, 2014
I was staring at my computer screen and trying to decide what in the Jewish wedding I think is particularly Jewish and what might be universal ...
Two Women Marrying in the Tradition of Moses and Israel
By Rabbis Jaimee Shalhevet and Helayne Shalhevet
July 19, 2013
We wanted a traditional Jewish wedding, but, as two women, we weren’t a traditional Jewish couple. 

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