Category: Month of Elul

Eating in Elul: A Mindfulness Practice
By Madeleine Fortney
September 26, 2019
By finding the truth in one aspect of your life, larger truths will emerge.
Elul: A Month for Reflection and Action
By Carolyn Cohen
August 8, 2019
This 29-day practice opened a fresh space in my prayers and revitalized the way I entered the Yamim Noraim
Communal Acts of Private Intimacy: A Review of Trisha Arlin’s Place Yourself
By Alden Solovy
January 7, 2019
Like the liturgists of old, Arlin’s work troubles us where we are too comfortable and comforts us when we are troubled
Now and Forever
Alden Solovy
September 12, 2017
The prayers and tunes of S’lichot are meant to crack into our yearnings for all that is good, righteous and holy, and to point us toward our own errors. We’ve put stumbling blocks in front of ourselves. Realizing that we’ve knocked ourselves off our own feet, we’re called upon to see our regrets as a doorway to repentance.
Counting Down to Rosh Hashanah
Ariana Katz
September 8, 2017
For me, living in two civilizations means that they inform one another. When I blow my New Year's Eve party horn in the winter, I remember the echoes of the shofar in the fall.
New Resources for the High Holidays: Embracing the Stranger
By Rabbi Deborah Waxman
August 21, 2017
A new collection of resources for the High Holidays focuses on the theme of Embracing the Stranger.
Keeping the Faith: Resilience in the Jewish Tradition
By Rabbi Deborah Waxman
August 15, 2017
I’m thrilled to introduce Hashivenu, a new podcast that highlights resilience practices embedded in Jewish teaching and Jewish living.
Call for Submissions: Embracing the Stranger
July 19, 2017
Submit by July 31st for this special publication for the High Holidays
The King and Queen in the Field: Reimagining a God Metaphor in Elul
By Alden Solovy
August 31, 2016
Perhaps it’s time to reimagine the King metaphor—much more like that of the Sabbath Queen—simple and clear. Golden. 
Jewels of Elul 2015
By Rabbi David Wolpe
August 13, 2015
"Elul calls us to be deep sea divers into our souls." Jewels of Elul is a project created by Craig Taubman that offers 29 inspirational insights for the month of Elul. The following blog post by Rabbi David Wolpe, first published at the Jewels of Elul website, introduces the Jewels of 2015 on their 10-year anniversary. Mazel Tov!

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