Category: Contemporary Shabbat Practice

Re-imagining Shabbat
By Cyd Weissman
July 24, 2020
When the doors to the world reopen, I wonder, will I run to my next must-do?
Check Out the Virtual Shabbat Box!
July 16, 2020
To make Shabbat special, watch, read and listen to rich Jewish resources in your weekly Virtual Shabbat Box.
A Conversation With One in Mourning
By Rabbi Vivie Mayer
June 10, 2020
Learning to invite all our inner voices to the stage
Journeying through the Siddur: A Review of Alden Solovy's This Joyous Soul
By Trisha Arlin
March 31, 2019
The Amidah section in my copy of This Joyous Soul is a sea of dog ears
Embodying Holy Energy through Bellydancing
By Rabbi Cherina Eisenberg
March 7, 2019
Rabbinical school did not teach me about the energy within sacred text or ritual.
The Profound Simplicity of Jewish Spirituality
By Alden Solovy
September 16, 2018
The act of remembering ... is the heartbeat of Jewish spirituality.
Promise of a New Day: A Review of Alden Solovy's This Grateful Heart
By Rabbi Me'irah Iliinsky
September 6, 2018
I’m packing This Grateful Heart into my disaster-survival kit.
The Thread
By David Ebenbach
August 2, 2018
“We are not merely connected like two ends of a thread,” the speaker says. “We are the thread./ One and whole.” 
The Shabbat Tent
By Hila Ratzabi
June 1, 2018
The tent is a physical reminder for us to take time to be close to our loved ones and to ourselves.
Black Jewish Prayers for Dr. Martin Luther King
By Dr. Tarece Johnson
January 15, 2018
In the traditional liturgy, I did not find Shabbat meditation books that were focused on conversion, social justice, and the Black Jewish woman experience. So I did what Jewish women have done through the generations: I wrote a book. 

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