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Prayer After Loss of Pregnancy or Stillbirth

Praying for healing after the devastating loss of a pregnancy

The Key: A Ritual for Perinatal Loss

Ritual to acknowledge grief related to infertility or perinatal loss

I Lost a Child But Did Not Mourn Her

A personal account describing the author's experience of losing a baby before rituals were developed to encourage mourning

Funeral Service for a Miscarriage: A Jewish Mourning Story

A funeral service for a miscarriage

Miscarriage Ritual with Friends: Reading Poems at the Mikveh

Poems to be read by friends surrounding the person who has miscarried before she immerses in the mikveh

A Prayer to be Said upon Entering the Ninth Month of Pregnancy

From an Italian collection of 18th century prayers for married women written by Dr. Giuseppe Cohen and presented to his bride as a wedding gift

Sacred Screaming

On the absence of ritual at the birth of daughters, with suggestions for new rituals for conception, pregnancy, and childbirth

And She Laughed: A Kitchen Ritual for Healing from Miscarriage

A challah-baking ritual to encourage joy and laughter for a group of women healing from miscarriage

Confessional to the Women We’ve Failed

"For all of our failures to protect you, our daughters, mothers, partners and friends"

A Longing for Children

This essay on grieving the inability to bear children relates the author's dialogue with her deceased grandmother about whether she has the permission to mourn

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