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Tivu: A Song of Welcome

By Rabbi Geela Rayzel Raphael

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©Geela Rayzel Raphael   1993

Welcome to our sukkah, come and be our guest
You'll eat, drink, and study, sit enjoy your rest.

Chorus: Ti-vu Ti-vu Ushpizin ee-lah-een
              Ti-vu Ti-vu Ushpizin Ka-di-shin.

Welcome Father Avraham, G-d put you to the test
Bring your faith and hesed, join us as we bless.

Welcome, Mother Sarah, Let your laughter ring
Bring your wisdom and your light, join us as we sing.

Welcome Father Yitzhak, in the afternoon you prayed
Bring a meditation, join us here today.

Welcome, Mother Rivkah, we've heard your voice so clear
Come and bring your oracles, come and join our cheer.

Welcome, Father Yaakov, you wrestled through the night
Come and bring your vision, help us get this right.

Welcome Mother Rachel, you weep on our behalf
Come and bring us mandrakes, come and join our laugh.

Welcome Mother Leah, seven kids born to you,
Come and bring fertility, help us to renew.

Welcome Brother Yosef, a colored coat you wore
Come and bring us happy dreams, sit with us some more.

Welcome Sister Tamar, a widows clothes you wore
But come and bring your cleverness, we'll greet you at the door.

Welcome holy Moses, you met G-d face to face
Come and bring your leadership, we've saved you a place.

Welcome Sister Miriam, you danced across the sea
Come bring your tof and timbrel, dance to set us free.

Welcome Brother Aaron, our glorious High Priest
Come and bring us holiness, come and join our feast.

Welcome brave Devorah, you battled brave and strong
Come and bring your torches, join us in our song.

Welcome Queen Batsheva, found your beloved true
Mother of King Shlomo, his wisdom came through you.

Welcome Melekh David, you danced a mighty dance;
It's time for the Mashiach, it's time we had the chance.

Welcome Grandmother Ruth, you chose to be a Jew,
Come and bring your loyalty, bring Naomi too.

Welcome Melekh David, you wrote many psalms
Come and bring your etrog, myrtle, willow, and palms.


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