The Unbinding of Isaac

white ram shown at a distance under huge blue sky with white clouds

Sarah fretted: Abraham, Abraham, where are you

Hineini, said Abraham


my son

is ahead of me

I walk without blame, Sarah

your fear is foolishness

And Abraham called his son Isaac: where are you

Isaac wordlessly answered

I am


I choose to be

I walk without fear

your confidence is foolishness

Then Abraham’s legs became heavy, his pace slowed

until he could no longer

see his son

in front him

Fear and trembling came upon him

A ram bounded in front of Abraham

head high

gaze steady

on the father’s face

Behind the ram Isaac appeared

no longer a child

And the ram spoke to Abraham saying: go back and comfort Sarah

Tell her: Fear not for your son

On this day Isaac cut his chains

On this day Isaac chose life

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