a bird sits on a branch of pink budding flowers
gets a little greener every day
as the sunlight lasts longer
and we push our clock hands
forward once again.
shining in through the skylight
bright and early
as my dog wakes me up,
eagerly waiting to go for her
morning walk through town.
brushing, chilly, against my face
as I walk the one and a half
kilometers from my house to my
synagogue, where I work,
reminding me that it isn’t summer
but it’s not quite winter anymore.
as the day stretches on,
and the sun climbs a little higher
into the sky, and I feel
it on my face, and in my soul,
reminding me that even the
darkest, coldest winter
still gives way to spring.
begin to chirp, first the crows,
then the robins, then the
chickadees and the sparrows,
as the geese return north,
and the last feels new a bright again.
and scooters with small children
crowd the sidewalks, as parents
and children start to break out
the summer toys, and super soakers,
and get ready to clean the pool
for the first swim party of the year.
growing less attached to darkness
as seasonal downswings start
to loosen their grip on my mind.
I’m not all better,
but surely, in the warmth of the sun,
the chirps of the birds, the laughter,
the joy, and the peace,
that I, much like the earth,
have entered a new season;
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