Prayer for Not Desisting from the Work

silhouette of woman looking to the right against orange sunset overlooking city

Oh Lord, Universe, Source, One:

Let me take the do’s and the don’ts, the wills and the won’ts
Let me take the time and the checklists
The worries, the furrowed brow, my wrinkles and time lines
Let them make me a conduit for your doing
Let them bolster and inspire me rather than beat me up
Let me see them as opportunities for going forth rather than as drags from a past undone
Let me embrace my calling in the microdosage of life
So that with each step, breath, check mark, or absence
I can sing your praise through songs new and old
That in each season and time of day I see the opportunity this life and body have given me
That in each moment I’m emitting gratitude, love, and purpose despite the mud of reality
Let the sludge of task-making, mastering, and executing be the dirty nourishment necessary for my higher good
And let that feed into the greater good of all

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