Prayer for the Electorate

By David Zvi Kalman
picture of round red, white and blue "I voted today" sticker

To be recited together with the Prayer for Government on the Shabbat before an election (federal, state, or local)


May the One who graces
each person with knowledge
and teaches humanity understanding,
bless and protect the voters of this land
on the upcoming ________________ ,
so that they may place in all their gates
leaders of thousands and leaders of hundreds
leaders of fifties and leaders of tens,
people of valor who revere God,
people of truth who despise corruption.

The One who sustains nations
on order, on truth, and on peace:
may it be Your will
that no misfortune occur by their hands,
and may the nation rejoice
when the righteous abound.
Save them from a wicked path,
from those who speak perversely.
Send wisdom into their heart
and make knowledge pleasant to their soul,
as it says, "Then you shall understand
virtue and justice; equality and every good path."
And may it be Your will.
And let us say: Amen.

החונן‭ ‬לאדם‭ ‬דעת
ומלמד‭ ‬לאנוש‭ ‬בינה
הוא‭ ‬יברך‭ ‬וישמור
את‭ ‬מצביעי‭ ‬הארץ‭ ‬הזאת
ביום _______ ‬הבא
לתת‭ ‬בכל‭ ‬שעריהם
שרי‭ ‬אלפים‭ ‬ושרי‭ ‬מאות
שרי‭ ‬חמישים‭ ‬ושרי‭ ‬עשרות
אנשי‭ ‬חיל‭ ‬יראי‭ ‬אלהים
אנשי‭ ‬אמת‭ ‬שנאי‭ ‬בצע‭.‬

המעמיד‭ ‬ארצות‭ ‬על‭ ‬הדין
ועל‭ ‬האמת‭ ‬ועל‭ ‬השלום
יהי‭ ‬רצון‭ ‬שלא‭ ‬יארע
דבר‭ ‬תקלה‭ ‬על‭ ‬ידיהם
וישמח‭ ‬העם‭ ‬ברבות‭ ‬צדיקים
תצילם‭ ‬מדרך‭ ‬רע‭,‬
מאיש‭ ‬מדבר‭ ‬תהפכות
תביא‭ ‬חכמה‭ ‬בלבם
ודעת‭ ‬לנפשם‭ ‬תנעם
אז‭ ‬תבין‭ ‬צדק‭ ‬ומשפט
ומישרים‭ ‬כל‭ ‬מעגל‭ ‬טוב
וכן‭ ‬יהי‭ ‬רצון
ונאמר‭ ‬אמן‭.‬


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