A Prayer for Comfort and Healing

By Rabbi Eric Weiss

God, Holy One of Blessing: I come before You with many feelings. I have accomplished much and yet wanted more. My acts have given love to others. My words have given encouragement and comfort. Yet, there are actions I wish I had taken, words I wish I had spoken. Some I wish I could take back. There are accomplishments I wanted to achieve but did not. I have apologized for hurts I have caused. I have forgiven others. Sometimes my feelings are clear, sometimes they are not. I pray that whatever the stirrings of my heart, they bring me closer to my true self, to my loved ones and to You. Created by You, I seek to live ever more fully in Your image. I seek peace for myself and my loved ones. At this time may my life be filled with warmth and wholeness, comfort and healing. Amen.

Rabbi Eric Weiss, January 1998 © All rights reserved Bay Area Jewish Healing Center.