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Omer Day 23: For the Parkland Survivors – Discipline of Endurance

By Sue Gurland

I live in South Florida, a few miles north of Parkland. We recently marked the shloshim for the 17 individuals murdered in the Stoneman Douglas shooting.  While the pain and grief continue, the gevurah sh’b’netzach of these students—their discipline of endurance—grows stronger.

In spite of vicious personal attacks and threats to their personal safety, they persist in speaking truth to power, keeping gun control in front of the nation, and motivating millions to stand up against the gun lobby. These young activists are catalyzing change by urging voters to make their voices heard.

The students’ perseverance reminds me of Moses who argued with G-d and was able to effect change. Like Moses, the students of Parkland show us the true meaning of the discipline of endurance. May we follow their inspiration to ground ourselves in the difficult, long-term work of making this country a better, and safer, place. May today's Omer theme give us the chance to reflect on the ways we can increase our commitment to this holy work. Kol HaKavod

Image by D'vorah Horn from her set of Omer Practice Cards (2016).

Ritual Component

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