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Intention for Waiting for Vaccine

a person in a yellow top is leaning out of a window with a mask hanging off of one ear. there is a tree in the background.
G-d of swift justice and the wellspring of life
Of long lines, delayed hopes, and dreaded hearts longing to take flight 
G-d who waits and who doesn’t
Bring us our vaccine in time
On holy time 
That we are nourished
That we are safe
That we are reminded 
of the purpose of our days 
That our wounds mending tending ache
And are seen felt and heard
By the health givers
Who are around us every instant 
To align our worry with the
Breath of the whole universe
Sending us out each day
To exhale and remember what it is
Mundane moment to
Mundane moment to
Restlessly awake 
Who give us permission to source the profundity from the profane 
And so, to live.

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Tags: covid, vaccine, breath

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