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Dedicating a Women's Resource Center

For the young girl who was told that there was only money for her brothers to go to college;

For the sage women whose wisdom was not considered a legitimate subject for scholarship;

And for the brilliant female research partner who had to make the coffee every morning and watch her name be shamelessly erased from the final report;

We dedicate this Center in honor of unfulfilled dreams and unrecognized achievements.

For the aspiring poet who seeks tender sonnets for her female lover;

For the sorority sister who plans her path to a seat on the Supreme Court;

For the female chemistry student who will win a Nobel prize one day;

And for all the students searching for knowledge, understanding, and inspiration;

We dedicate this Center in honor of limitless possibilities.

May these doors always open wide to the curious,

And the stairs be too steep to admit judgment, selfishness and harshness.

May these walls provide shelter for those who are searching and questioning,

And may this Center inspire women and men to create new pathways of wisdom.

Chazak Chazak v’nitchazek, may we go from strength to strength in peace and blessing.