Ani Ma'amin

Inspired by the thirteen-point version of the Jewish principles of faith. I have written this to be recited at the ending of my morning prayers, but it could easily be recited at the beginning of Shacharit in place of Yigdal. It emphasizes faith, but also the hope for the coming of the Messianic age.

I float in the water
on my back
guided by the ripples and the tides
textures in a fluid
rocked by the vibrations from an ever-present source.

I surrender to the rhythm
in the water where I’m guided
to a path where I’m pulled
until I am frozen in time.

I of perfect faith
cleaving to the ice
frozen in a time where
the flow once stopped.

I am warmed again as the tide turns
left to steep like tea
my heart warmed
where the ideas flow
from within and without.

I am a circle
now complete
getting more out
because I put more in
to the creation of the ever-present source.