An Interpretive Psalm 27

clouds mountains and green field with flowers
The Mystery shines light and strength on my life.
I am protected by its Everpresence, I need not fear.
Surrounded, I just need awareness.
There are many things that cause discomfort,
But no matter how many I encounter,
Under the canopy of the Mystery, I trust in my safety.
No matter the tides of misfortune
My heart will remain steadfast and fearless,
For my faith is strong and can defend me.
Oh Lord, I have but one request,
That in every moment of my worldly existence
I may be fully aware of Your extraordinary beauty.
Your loving magnificence is with me in all times.
It covers me and protects me from all that I fear.
My vision clears so that I can see truth.
With this clarity I can see all that I need.
In gratitude for this gift, I extol the happiness I feel,
Singing and shouting Your praises on high.
May You hear my joyful voice.
May I feel Your mercy, love, and compassion.
May the fullness of Your glory be revealed to me in this lifetime.
Though I often fall short,
Please do not react with anger.
For You know that I seek to serve.
With You in my life I can fulfill my promise.
I need to remember that You are deep within me.
Your presence provides safety from my doubt.
I am older now, no longer a child,
Yet I still long for Your protection.
There are so many obstacles,
In my humanness I often make poor choices.
But with Your goodness deep within me,
I have the protection and strength of my faith.
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