Across the Narrow Straits

the waters parting
In this new moon of Nisan
the time of retelling our Exodus
from Egypt,
the Israelis are once again
in a different way
when our ancestors
stood at the edge of the sea
searching for a path to safety.
What is required of us
in this day
to follow
a righteous path
across the narrow straits
of ego and fear
to a place of greater freedom?
In this critical moment
a vital crossing looms.
This threshold requires courage–
trust in what is emerging
protection from profound danger,
a leader of integrity
like Moses
who hears
the voice of God.
Where is the waiting Nachshon,
Prince of the tribe of Judah
who jumps into the swirling sea
braves the barrage of bullets and badgering
splits the churning waters
finds a way forward on holy land
accompanied by Miriam and the women
singing their sacred songs?
If everything in creation is
Divine communication,
what does this unfolding tragedy
in the heart of our world
scream to us from across the seas
when we dare to listen?
We exist between what was
what will be.
In Nisan, it is the power of speech
that can heal or enslave us.
May our words of wisdom
create a new reality
where all people are respected and honored,
graced by compassion that flows from the One,
inspiring us finally to find the promise of peace.


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