Ritualwell Immersions

Ritualwell Immersions are interactive online learning opportunities that offer a deep dive into Jewish topics that touch our everyday lives. Study in-depth with expert rabbis and teachers, participate in rich discussions, create rituals and connect with an online community. Come learn with us!

All sessions will be recorded and available to participants. You may join the session live or watch recordings at your own convenience.

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Summer/Fall 2020 Schedule


What Past Participants Had to Say ...

Past Immersions

Less Stuff, More Ease: Decluttering Through the Jewish Calendar
Gari Julius Weilbacher 

Poetry as Sanctuary: The Journey Continues
Cathleen Cohen
Dream Work as Window to the Soul
Listening to our Souls: Summer Spiritual Bootcamp
Rabbi Haviva Ner-David
Writing from Sacred Text
Ingredients of Prayer: Writing Contemporary Liturgy
Alden Solovy


Creating Resilience: Writing and Spiritual Practice Inspired by Etty Hillesum 
Hila Ratzabi

Peering into the Kabbalah: A Very Short Introduction to Jewish Mysticism
Joel Hecker, PhD

Poetry as Sanctuary: Writing from Multifaith Traditions
Cathleen Cohen

The Jewish Ethicist: How Values Shape Decision Making
Rabbi Mira Wasserman, PhD

Into the Depths: Exploring Ritual Immersion in the Mikveh
Naomi Malka
In Collaboration with the Rising Tide Open Waters Mikveh Network

Meet Me at the Well: Ritual Creation Workshop
Rabbi Kami Knapp 

Ethical Eating: Jewish Food History, Values and Ritual
In partnership with Shamayim: Animal Advocacy 

Interfaith Couples Workshop
Susan Katz Miller

Will You Marry Me?: Officiating Jewish Weddings
Facilitated by Rabbi Annie Lewis

#ZeroWastePassover: The Life-Changing Mitzvah of Tidying Up
Facilitated by Betsy Teutsch, and guest speakers
Embodied Ritual for Trauma, Resilience and Healing
Facilitated by Rabbi Jessica Rosenberg
How to Forgive: Opening Our Hearts in Elul
Facilitated by Rabbi Vivie Mayer
Death and Mourning: Jewish Roots and Contemporary Ritual
Facilitated by Rabbi Linda Holtzman
Ritualwell Immersions are produced in collaboration with the Reconstructionist Learning Networks. Visit the Learning Networks homepage to learn more.