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Sounds of Seders, by Craig Taubman

We still sing things like “Had Gadya” and “Dayenu,” but seldom are they as memorable as the songs that come from the heart.

My three favorite Passover songs are:

1. Leaving On A Jet Plane
2. Dance Me to the End of Love
3. Sounds of Silence

Since I am a musician, most people assume that I lead incredibly musical sedarim.  While they are very celebratory, they are not particularly musical.

Since I make a living making music I try not to make music my life. I like to make a distinction between my role at work and my role at home. With that in mind we have created a tradition that allows the seder to evolve on its own, with less intervening and frontal leading on my part.

My favorite Passover songs illustrate the point.

1. Leaving On a Jet Plane.  Every holiday I ask my 84-year-old mother-in-law to free associate and share a song from her life’s journey.  She loves musical theater; the Beatles; Peter, Paul and Mary; and Simon and Garfunkel.   Last year’s free association was travel songs.  Let me tell you, it is pretty cool to have everyone chime in on this classic new Passover song!

2. Dance Me Too The End Of Love.  Tradition suggests that we share love songs from Shir Hashirim (Song of Songs) at the first seder.   Last year we chose this classic Leonard Cohen song that had half the table in tears and the other half swooning!

3.  Sounds of Silence. In truth, we did not sing this song, but it does reflect an important aspect of our seder. Music is not just the notes. It also is the silence between the notes. The only thing that can bring a group together as well as song is silence.  We make room to sit quietly at our Passover festivities so that we can hear and feel the love of self, family, community and tradition.

We still sing things like “Had Gadya” and “Dayenu,” but seldom are they as memorable as the songs that come from the heart.

Chag Sameach!


For more Passover ideas and free music, visit www.craignco.com.

Craig Taubman is a musician who has engaged the Jewish community for almost 30 years. His passion for communal prayer is reflected in his CD projects, includingFriday Night Live, One Shabbat Morning and, his newest release, How Good.  Craig also creates soundtracks for Jewish life via his Celebrate series of music featuring hundreds of artists from all walks of life.

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