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The Making of Kapparot: Chana and Annie’s Fringe Festival Show

Setting: Carpenter’s Woods in Mount Airy, Philadelphia, Spring 2016
Chana: Hey, we work really well together. Let’s do more!
Annie: OK!
Chana: Let’s do something about Jewish women…
Annie: … about sexism… and celebrating our power… and gender…
Chana: Phew, all the stuff coming up in this election about women in positions of power.
Annie: What if we did some sort of ritual guiding the show? 
Chana: Kind of like when we were in Storahtelling together?
Annie: There’s so much else going on right now that we could explore. Black Lives Matter, and –
Chana: And the imminent collapse of the capitalist patriarchy!
Annie: Something like that. 
Chana: OK, let’s do a show. I know we both have kids and lots going on, but we’re gonna come up with something amazing. I know it. We’re moms. We know how to use our time well. 
Annie: OK, let’s do it. We can use music 
Chana: I can provide that!
Annie: and harmonies 
Chana: We can provide that!
Annie: And it can be interactive with the audience; they can participate in the rituals and conversations and singing. 
Chana: Totally!
Annie: This is going to be awesome. 
Chana: It really is. I can’t wait. Hey, let’s set a date. How about the Philly Fringe Festival in September? 
Annie: Really? Fringe Festival? Well, heck, why not? Let’s do it. 
Chana: Just in time for the soul-searching of the High Holidays. 
Annie: Perfect. 

Ritualwell is excited to sponsor Chana and Annie’s Fringe show, Kapparot, taking place on September 15, 2016, and September 17, 2016, in Philadelphia. For more details and to buy tickets, click here.


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