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Don’t Take Freedom for Granted!

We encourage Ritualwell readers to find their own ways of keeping freedom in their hearts this week.

We have finished our seders, but Passover is not yet over; the feast of freedom lasts a full seven or eight (depending on your community’s interpretation) days. There are many traditional structures that keep us focused on the holiday. The matzah that we eat is a symbol of both slavery and freedom. People who attend synagogue during this time will note liturgical changes particular to the season. And counting the omer reminds us of the connection between liberation (celebrated on Passover) and revelation (celebrated on Shavuot, the end of the omer).

We encourage Ritualwell readers to find their own ways of keeping freedom in their hearts this week. Here are a few suggestions:

•  Create a freedom playlist. Some of our favorites are Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song,” Dave Matthews Band’s “Cry Freedom,” and Jimi Hendrix’s “Freedom.”

•  Continue your seder conversations and follow through on your commitments. Many of us engage in important conversations during our seders. We might pledge to work harder to make freedom a reality for others or promise to liberate enslaved parts of ourselves. Now is the time to make good on these commitments.

•  Think hard about your own freedom. All week, pay attention to the opportunities and privileges that are part of your life. Don’t take them for granted.

Let us know how you are keeping freedom on your mind and in your heart this season. We are eager to hear.

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