Category: Torah Portion: Parashah

I Don't Want to Sing Another Happy Song
By Cantor Sheila Nesis
January 28, 2021
Some weeks ago, one of my b’nei mitzvah students and I were reading the English for her
The Thread
By David Ebenbach
August 2, 2018
“We are not merely connected like two ends of a thread,” the speaker says. “We are the thread./ One and whole.” 
Mah Tovu: Transforming Curses to Blessings in Parshat Balak
By Rabbis Annie Lewis & Yosef Goldman
June 26, 2018
What does it look like to change curses into blessings? How might we become beacons of justice and compassion in these times?
I Will Be With You: A Reading of Exodus for the New Year
By Heather Paul
December 26, 2017
Here I Am. I am listening. I am with you. 
My Body is an Ark
By Ariana Katz
October 17, 2017
Every day we can co-create, create the world worth living in. If we are created in God’s image, and inside the Arks of our chest dwells Divinity, we earned another shot at a new day.
Reimagining Jewish Art: An Interview with Hillel Smith
December 5, 2016
Deadlines and experimentation keep me going.
Girl in Trouble: An Interview with Alicia Jo Rabins
November 14, 2016
Inspiration has never been a big part of my process. I much prefer deadlines.
Remembering Regina Jonas
By Rabbi Annie Lewis
October 27, 2016
For many years, Regina’s story of becoming the first woman rabbi was forgotten, tucked away in archives, lost among ashes.

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